The Hand of the Foesmiter

Kintyre Turn, eldest son of House Turn and heir to the estates of Lysse, dreads the day his father will make him take up his destined role as the Lordling of the Chipping. There’s nothing less interesting than ledgers, books, and accounts. Even the formal dinners and balls are boring. Desperate for adventure, Kintyre sneaks away from his own birthday party and joins a group of wandering adventurers on their way to Urland.

On his way there, Kintyre befriends a young squire by the name of Bevel Dom; the seventh son of a seventh son, Bevel’s chances of making a living in his family’s trade are close to nothing. Kintyre and Bevel become fast friends, and are ready to take on the world.

What neither of them know is that there is a darkness waiting for them at the border, a darkness that is threatening to devour the Kingdom of Hain whole. And the only one who can stop it, it seems, is Kintyre. But only one thing can destroy this skulking darkness…

… a legendary sword: the Foesmiter. The only problem? No one actually knows where it is.

The Dire Dragon of Drebbin

Sir Kintyre Turn, hero of Hain and wielder of the legendary sword Foesmiter, has spent the last four years bouncing between King Carvel’s court at Kingskeep and adventure after adventure.  With his friend and squire Bevel Dom he has slain monsters, navigated labyrinths, and rescued many grateful damsels. But now Kintyre just wants a break. Holidaying in the sea-side town of Drebbin, known for its excellent whiskey, seems like the perfect escape for a Hero Made Good.

But something is afoot in Drebbin, and the townspeople refuse to talk about it. Something is living in the mountains. And at night, that same something comes down into the town and snatches up a virgin woman for its dinner.

Soon, there is only one maiden left in town, the beautiful and modest Gwinnaten.  Kintyre cannot deny his attraction, and he vows that the creature will not have her for its supper – though Kintyre himself just might. With the town in an uproar, and a creature stalking his footsteps, Kintyre must navigate the rough waters of attraction, heroism, and modesty… all while trying to convince  the stubborn Gwinnaten that the best way to get herself off the creature’s menu is to get herself into his bed!

The Dark Elf of Erlienmire

 Sir Kintyre Turn, along with his friend, the newly knighted Sir Bevel Dom, has travelled to Sniwl Chipping, in the furthest reaches of the Kingdom of Hain, at the behest of Lordling Span. It is a place far to the north of fertile and fecund Lysse, where Kintyre grew up – a world of ice and darkness.

There the intrepid adventurers discover that Sniwl’s daughter, the sultry beauty Cassiopith, has been betrothed against her father’s will to a Dark Elf of the Erlienmire Forest. Tricked into the betrothal by the wicked creature as a revenge against House Sniwl for a wrong so far in the past that it is out of human memory, Cassiopith has only the span of the next full moon to win her freedom or become the elf’s dark bride… forever.

Will Kintyre be able to win Cassiopith free of this horrible fate? And if he does, will he be able to deny his own attraction to the mystical lady?

The Shadow Hand of Hain

When his father’s death calls Sir Kintyre Turn -wielder of the legendary sword Foesmiter and Hero of Hain – back to Lysse Chipping so he can formally turn over the title of Lordling to his book-mouse little brother, Kintyre can’t help but notice that something seems a little bit off about his childhood home.

Melinda, a humble woman from the far south of Hain, has come to stay in Turnshire with her uncle Sherriff Lewko Pointe, and she hasn’t come alone. Melinda, it seems, has a secret, and a ghostly pursuer. Everyone in town has fallen in love with the Sherriff’s gentle, quiet, kind-hearted niece; even, it appears, the dead! Could the slight silhouette of the man that Kintyre and his trusted sidekick Bevel Dom witness sneaking into Melinda’s rooms really be a barrow wraith? And if he is, how is a hero meant to dissuade a man bent on courting who won’t stay dead?

On top of that, Kintyre and Bevel have finally managed to unmask the mastermind behind the strange, seemingly random acts of evil that have been plaguing the Kingdom for the last decade: a villain known only as the Viceroy.

The Siren of the Sunsong Horizon

Hard in pursuit of the Viceroy, the master villain of Hain, Sir Kintyre Turn and Sir Bevel Dom hope to beat him at his own game. They join the crew of The Salty Queen as she sails along the western coast, intending to beat the Viceroy to his destination and finally confront him. But The Salty Queen harbors her own villains… and secrets. For the Captain is not the strong and stalwart man that Kintyre had met in the harbor. The Captain isn’t a man at all!

The Pirate Queen Isobin is in charge of The Salty Queen now, and she has a bone to pick with Kintyre Turn. Before they can set foot on land, she’s determined to get her revenge on Kintyre for the treasure she lost in Drebbin… by making him marry her!

And what is this strange, disgusting fascination that The Viceroy seems to hold for Bevel Dom? Is there more than meets the eye to Kintyre Turn’s most trusted companion? And if there is, what secrets does his past hold that make the him the object of Viceroy’s obsession?

The Request of the King

Following in the footsteps of a troupe of wandering players, Kintyre Turn and Bevel Dom are just looking for a night’s entertainment, and perhaps somewhere to lay their heads in return for a few days of handiwork for the actors. What they didn’t expect to find was a play so fantastical that the creatures described in the prose seem to be coming to life… and killing members of the audience, one by one, night after night.

Larissa of Rotham is a woman masquerading as a man. With her hair cut short and her breast bound flat, Larissa works as an actor by day, and a fortune teller by night. Her colleagues fear she is a witch, but are too scared of the creatures she is summoning from the pages of their scripts to give her up to the local constabulary.

Lucky for them that Sir Kintyre Turn and Sir Bevel Dom have dealt with spiteful women, and vengeful witches, before!

The Serpent of the Sleeping Vale

They say that the appetites of the Prince of the Naga are dark, twisted, and bottomless. And that his depraved lusts are matched in intensity only by the desire for vengeance of the Viceroy. So when the two villains team up and begin to wreak havoc on the Kingdom of Hain, what else can King Carvel do but summon Sir Kintyre Turn, wielder of the legendary sword Foesmiter and the only man who seems to be the Viceroy’s match, to destroy them both?

But before Kintyre can track them down, he will have to rescue his best friend and travel partner from the clutches of the Viceroy’s henchman, a twisted torturer known only as Bootknife. Torn between saving Bevel and obeying the command of the king, Kintyre is wrapped up in a quandary so powerful and painful that he fears for his very sanity.

How can Kintyre Turn save Bevel Dom and the Kingdom of Hain, both?

The Bane of the Viceroy

King Carvel of Hain has declared that the Viceroy must be destroyed. All over the kingdom, great libraries and collections of books, scriptoriums, schools, and scroll-shops have been robbed, raided, and razed. Nobody knows what the Viceroy is looking for, and why he destroys everything in his wake when he moves on to the next pile of paper.

Summoned one last time to the aid of Hain, the great Knights of the kingdom rise up to fight alongside Kintyre and Bevel. As preparations to make war against the Viceroy’s army of dark creatures and vile men commence, Kintyre desperately seeks to uncover the identity of the king’s spymaster, the Shadow Hand that aided them in Lysse, in order to find a way to break in behind enemy lines.

As the battle draws ever closer, Kintyre begins to growl ill. By what magic or ill spell, Bevel cannot decipher, but one thing is clear: if Kintyre Turn leads the Knights into battle, despite Bevel’s begging that he remains behind, this might be the great hero’s last fight. And if it is, does he have the strength of arm and the strength of heart to take the Viceroy with him?

And why, suddenly and on the eve of battle, has the Viceroy seemed to abandon his quest for vengeance against Kintyre? What is it, exactly, that he discovered while raiding the great libraries of Hain that could have him so distracted?

True Tales Told in a Tavern

A collection of short stories and novellas set in the world of The Tales of Kintyre Turn. Many of these shorts first appeared in gift charity auctions, or in such venerable institutions as Locus, Asimov’s, and Playboy. Features the fan-favourite story Seventh Son of a Seventh Son and the entirety of the five-issue comic miniseries adaptation of The Hand of the Foesmiter published by Marvel.



Magicfall (COMING SOON!)

Tristan Stardancer was born on a colony shuttle heading for Grimrock, an Earth-like planet on the outer reaches of Alpha Centuri. He is nineteen years old, and today is the first time he will have ever set foot on the surface of a planet. He’d be more excited about it, except that once he does, the entirety of the rest of his life will be filled with nothing but farming, back breaking labour, and the expectation that he get saddled with a wife and produce some screaming children as soon as humanly possible to expand the colony.

Tristan longs for a chance to stretch his legs, get out of the cramped living style of a colonist-for-life and roam the planet, roam the stars.

Grimrock and fate, it seems, agree that Tristan is meant for more, for the moment he begins to court the lovely Vana Sunsdaughter, whose father is a miner, adventure is thrown into Tristan’s path. The mineral the colonists mine on Grimrock has the ability, in the hands of certain humans, to grant them powers so fantastical, so wonderful, they can only be described as magic. The stones glow for Tristan, and Vana, and all the shuttle-born, and the things they can do are incredible.

But when Core Control finds out about the miracle of the Shuttle-Born, they send a fleet of soldiers to draft the magical into their military, and force them into a militaristic servitude.

Now what will Tristan and Vana choose? Actual slavery as a soldier or virtual slavery on a wondrous planet? Will they fight? Or will they run?


Sequel to Magicfall.


The final book in the Shuttleborn Trilogy.