Elgar Erasmus Reed

Elgar Erasmus Reed; photo circa 2015 

Short Bio

Elgar Erasmus Reed is the author of The Tales of Kintyre Turn, the New York Times Bestselling and Hugo, Nebula, Campbell and Publisher’s Weekly awarded epic fantasy novel series about the adventures of the noble Sir Kintyre Turn, and his faithful sidekick Bevel Dom. Reed began writing on his great-grandmother’s typewriter in the late 1970s, a typewriter is now in the Smithsonian museum, and is considered by many the father of late twentieth century fantasy fiction and the natural heir of the great classical fantasists like J.R.R. Tolkien. His novels are in print in fifty three languages, in over seventy countries worldwide, and have sold over eighty million copies. His novels will also be coming to a television screen near you next year, as an epic serialized miniseries starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood. You can follow all his good news at @ElgarReed and www.ElgarReed.com

Long Bio

Elgar Erasmus Reed was born in 1952, the middle son of a hard working school secretary and an English professor at the local college. His great capacity for make-believe and imagination showed at an early age, and there are dozens of super8 and VHS home films documenting the start of both Reed’s storytelling career and the birth of Kintyre Turn, the dynamic bold fantasy hero whose adventures were first published in 1980 and had become a worldwide phenomenon in the geek ranks by the middle of the decade.

Reed was and remains a huge fan of Professor Tolkien’s work, and counts among his favourite writers George R.R. Martin, Robert Jordan, Ed Greenwood, Robert J. Sawyer, Frank L. Baum, Piers Anthony, and Stephen King. His favourite character in Tolkien’s Middle Earth is Gimli, son of Gloin, whom he jokes he bears no little resemblance to.

In the early nineties, a made-for TV movie propelled the names Kintyre and Reed into the mainstream, and the cult classic is now one of the most watched (and bootlegged!) fantasy film of all time. If this film is playing at a fantasy convention, Reed will be the first one to throw the toast.

Reed spends much of his time travelling, having attended conventions as a guest of honour and speaker on every continent except Antarctica (penguins don’t hold SF/F cons, it turns out); he would still like to visit the frozen continent, except that it would mean too long away from his computer and his fantasy worlds for the cold weather training.

Reed’s work has also been the focus of several pop culture academic text books, including (Drawing the Blade: Masculinity in the Fantasy Word, The Masters on World Building, and The Queen’s Gates: Fantastic Feminism), music (Fight and Fiddle’s Foesmiter’s Jig and The Rude Barbarian’s The Tale’s Turn),  and most recently in a PhD thesis by Dr. Lucy Piper at the University of Victoria.

Reed, a notorious perfectionist and workaholic, is unmarried. He feels that his greatest accomplishment is Kintyre and would hate to make any flesh-and-blood children feel secondary to literary characters, so has devoted all of his time to the creation and support of the world of Hain.

Reed lives in Seattle with a cranky ginger cat called Wyndam, who misses gumming up the old typewriter with his fur during naps, and does his best to do the same to Reed’s new computer.

Reed is currently working on the first book of a new series, a space opera about a young off world farmer who discovers that magic exists in a mineral mined on the world he has just colonized, and the war that this realization would bring to his new homeworld if this knowledge fell into the wrong hands.

Next year, Sir Kintyre Turn and Sir Bevel Dom will return to the screen in an epic, mega-budget sexy six-episode miniseries which encompasses the entirety of The Hand of the Foesmiter. Reed will be acting as the show’s story consultant and one of the executive producers.  Watch this space for casting and airing announcements.