Elgar Reed

Elgar Erasmus Reed

Elgar Erasmus Reed

Hello and Welcome to the home of Elgar Reed, author of the smash-hit fantasy series The Tales of Kintyre Turn. Step into the World of Hain, where Sir Kintyre Turn and his loyal side-kick Bevel Dom travel the land vanquishing evil, upholding justice, and of course, making all the pretty young maids fall in love with them.



November – I CAN FINALLY SHARE! The Hand of the Foesmiter six-part miniseries has officially been Greenlit! Read the Variety Article here (coming soon). See you all at FantaCon!

October – Great news! The Shuttleborn Series is officially a go! My first science fiction novels have been green-lit, and Magicfall, the first in the series, will hit the shelves in January! Read more about the books here.

August – Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes! My cat, Linux, has fully recovered and is back to sitting on my hands as I attempt to type.

July  – I have updated my Appearances calendar to include conventions and speaking engagements through to December 2017.